Publishing objective

      Nassau Street in Princeton
I stopped at the Princeton University bookstore. This is the reality they expressed. They only order books through the major distributors. If I want my book accessible on a large scale, I must register with one of these distributors. I had planned this, but this note makes it rather more imperative than I otherwise thought.
I have been experimenting with Adobe InDesign. I have a bit of a learning curve for using it, but I also have a problem with reformatting the chemistry files. InDesign requires an additional step. In contemplating how the book will appear, I need to determine the best way to do this. I have numerous smaller files in MS Word that print directly. This method was good because MS Word took care of some of the accounting, formatting, etc. To the negative, it was also true that MS Word limited some aspects of formatting. InDesign is different and can provide different solutions to those problems.

A third option is to use iWork Pages. Pages is in between MS Word and InDesign. It has a number of formatting options similar to InDesign and is more compatible with the ChemDraw files without creating an intermediary structure.

I'm currently experimenting.